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Selce Main Square - City Centre, Selce, [ Right now, LIVE ] LiveStreaming cameras from Croatia

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  • Publicaton date 19. December 2019.


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Central Square at Obala hrvatskih branitelja in Selce, which was renovated 2 years ago, makes 8,000 square meters of square, covered with stone slabs, over 2,000 lavender and rosemary seedlings, 51 trees, 15 wooden benches and 7 wooden deck chairs. A special intersection is made which makes the center of Selce even more beautiful and comfortable to stay in, while walkers have a new 1,500 square meters of coastal promenade. The redecoration has not lost the indigenousness of this beautiful coastal area, but only now has it come to light what makes many happy to return to Selce - which is tranquility, serenity, greenery.

There are also cyclists who can dispose of their pets on two wheels on 28 racks. The playground is arranged according to the neat and illuminated pole.

All the important events through the year (Easter, Strawberry Festival, Tourism Days, Crikvenica Batuda, Regatta Crusader Selce Open) are happening at this beautiful, modern square. Even when the square is empty, you want to be there and enjoy the serenity of this beautiful place, Selce.

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