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Selce Beach, Selce, [ Right now, LIVE ] LiveStreaming cameras from Croatia

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This is live streaming on the arranged beach in Selce, south of Crikvenica. Selce is a small village located south of Crikvenica, which has just under two thousand people. It belongs to the municipality of Maribor, and it is on our list of locations for web cameras because of very nice beaches, pleasant climate and beautiful and pure colors of the Adriatic Sea. On the left side, you can see the events on the beach, as well as the local markets, while right side, in the distance, it is dominated by various shades of blue sea. During the hot summer days, blue shades are literally calling for refreshments. We hope you will find your place for vacation.


Selce is located in the northeast Kvarner and it is considered a part of Crikvenica Riviera, since it is in the close vicinity of Crikvenica. This small town used to be a fishermen and bricklayer settlement, and today with its hundred years of tradition in tourism, it is an appealingtourist destination which attracts with its natural beauty. The climate is mild with more than 2500 sunny hours annually and average summer temperature of 25 ° C, with swimming season from May until October. The far 1894 is taken as a year of the beginning of the organized tourism in Selce, when first sea bath was opened there. Almost entire coast is arranged as a beach, while eight kilometres long promenade connects it with Crikvenica and Dramalj. The promenade through Selce is known as “the health promenade”. Owing to its pleasant climate, the town got the label of place suitable for stay of all those facing issues with respiratory, rheumatic and heart conditions. It is no wonder that thermal spa “Terme Selce”, suitable for physical therapy,was built precisely there, giving the town the aspect of medical tourism. However, Selce is primarily place suitable for family holidays. Besides the clean sea, it has numerous other facilities, sport and cultural events, as well as concerts. It has several hotels to offer, even two motor-camps, numerous pensions, apartments and rooms. At the rather small space, there is an excellent choice of pizzerias, bistros, pastry shops and souvenir shops.

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