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Small things, when well designed, very quickly become a tourist attraction. Proof of that is the outdoor marine aquarium set up on the newly renovated park and waterfront. It opened its door in 2013.

Through our webcam you can observe life in the sea.

In an aquarium that is connected to the sea by a pump, sea water is constantly circulating, which gives it its uniqueness and in this way the water is constantly filtered and cleaned. In an aquarium 12 meters long and 1.5 meters wide, several marine species live together, so biologists made sure to choose species that tolerate each other well and live a harmonious marine life. Observe the numerous inhabitants of the Adriatic Sea, such as sea bream, salpa, grouper, sea cat, rye that evoke life in the depths and on the stone bottom, covered with sea urchins and starfish, hides an octopus. The biggest attention behind the glass is captured by the blue shark. It is one of the domestic species of sharks, of which there are 29 in the Adriatic sea, and the other spice (kostelj) of which there are 3 in this aquarium, is not considered dangerous, although it hides three rows of teeth in its jaws, and its back is adorned with characteristic fins.

Not only is the aquarium what adorns this place, the whole park is beautifully landscaped. The park is adorned with numerous plant species, as well as fruit trees characteristic of our climate and has become a real small Mediterranean garden. Within the park there is a children's playground.

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