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Rijeka - view of Trsat and Susak, [ Road conditions ]

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Camera info

  • Longitude 14.4468
  • Latitude 45.3266
  • Publicaton date 21. January 2015.


29o C 69% 1010 hPa

The main part of our camera shows always busy and colorful Sušak. It is a part of a town that once did not belong to Rijeka. By building the Tito bridge in 1946 Sušak became the official part of the city

And the view from the camera also goes to Trsat - a part of Rijeka located on the hill where you will have the opportunity to enjoy the panorama of the entire Kvarner. Trsat is the perfect place to visit many sights such as Trsat Castle and the Sanctuary of the Lady of Trsat, walking and enjoying an excellent gastronomic offer.

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