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Reconstruction of the Jure Kastelan Elementary School, Savica, Zagreb, [ Right now, LIVE ] LiveStreaming cameras from Croatia

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  • City Zagreb
  • Name Reconstruction of the Jure Kastelan Elementary School, Savica
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  • Longitude 15.9939
  • Latitude 45.7938
  • Publicaton date 12. October 2021.


2o C 89% 1026 hPa

After 53 years, Elementary School Jure Kaštelan started with a thorough reconstruction and extension. The existing parts of the school will be reconstructed and a new one will be upgraded, and a new two-part hall will be built next to the existing one. Upon completion of construction, students will attend classes in a safer and better quality and modernly equipped environment. The construction worth around HRK 85 million are financed by the City of Zagreb.

You can follow the construction and upgrade live through our webcams.

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