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Rab - Municipium Arba Square, port entrance, Rab, [ Right now, LIVE ] LiveStreaming cameras from Croatia

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  • City Rab
  • Name Rab - Municipium Arba Square, port entrance
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  • Longitude 14.7618
  • Latitude 44.7558
  • Publicaton date 30. November 2018.


21o C 70% 1012 hPa

A view of the beautiful Municipium Arba Square on the island of Rab, the "riva" and the entrance to the highly equipped Rab Harbor. The square is recognizable by the beautiful terraces decorated with palm trees, and in the northwestern part of the square there is one of the most beautiful city buildings - the Rector's Palace built in the Gothic-Renaissance style.

Today, the Rector's Palace is a town hall and the headquarters of the city administration. The Municipium Arba Square is also the center of entertainment and night life on Rab. In addition to good parties, here you can have coffee in one of the cafes and enjoy the wonderful sunshine. There are also organized numerous events such as New Year's Eve, carnival, Advent, concerts and many others.

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