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Pozega - The Holy Trinity Square, Požega, [ Right now, LIVE ] LiveStreaming cameras from Croatia

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If you come to Pozega, this is excellent location to visit. Our web cams will perfectly depict current status and trends in the city and on the Holy Trinity Square in Pozega. The city of Pozega is the seat of Pozega-Slavonia County and Pozega Diocese and Holy Trinity Square occupies the very center of the historic area of the city. If you take a walk in front of the lens of LiveCamCroatia, we believe that you will experience the true historical atmosphere that especially stands out on old buildings located around the market which we film with our webcam. There is a large parking area here, and there is a great offer of shops and restaurants where you can relax with a refreshing drink down the street.


In the heart of the valley surrounded by Papuk, Psunj, Krndija, Dilj and Požeška gora, there is a pearl of the "Golden Valley" - the Požega town. It is a town of numerous poets, writers, painters and artists, and in the 19th century Požega gets the name "Slavonian Athena" when a large number of cultural societies are founded in the city.

It is possible to enter in Požega from all four sides of the world, and each entry is unique in its own way. Particularly remarkable is the specific baroque square of the Trinity with monument of the same name, the church of St. Lovre, the first building of the Gymnasium, the building of the Jesuit College, and in the past there was the atelier of Miroslav Kraljević.

Požega is about thirty kilometers away from the highway, so that makes it a perfect destination for a healthy stay in nature. The ideal harmony of nature and pure landscape, the vicinity of Požeška gora with numerous promenades and the Orljava River create a relaxing atmosphere for escape from the busy everyday life.

And if you are looking for a combination of nature with cultural heritage, you are again in the right place because there is a green city park in town, which is filled with a children's laugh every day.

The playground goes all the way to the Old Town, a hill where once was the old fortress. Now it is a park and a landscaped promenade.

Požega is rich in various events so do not miss the opportunity to enjoy some of them; The Festival of „Kulenova Seka“, Vincelovo in Požega, Švarglijada and many others.

The city is also known for its long sport tradition so all fans of sports activities and athletes will love this place. Numerous sports grounds such as football, basketball, handball, gymnasium and children's playgrounds prove how inhabitants from Požega love sport and cultivate the city's sport tradition.

Here you can also ride a horse, hike, ride a bike, swim in the city's pools or experience paragliding. There is a lot of possibilities, and Požega will certainly not disappoint you.

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