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Porec waterfront, Poreč, [ Right now, LIVE ] LiveStreaming cameras from Croatia

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  • Longitude 13.589
  • Latitude 45.2275
  • Publicaton date 03. May 2016.


26o C 61% 1012 hPa

If you are a resident of Porec, then you probably already walked in front of our lens certainly several times. Otherwise, all potential visitors of this beautiful tourist town on the Adriatic sea have to walk along the waterfront in Porec. Porec is very famous and popular location for summer holidays, and also for enjoying the summer activities, both for couples and for the whole family. Make sure you decide to come to this little town too, and when you come to visit it, walk around promenade. Our web cameras are there to record your every step. Who knows, maybe someone from neighbors or your friends recognize when you are on vacation.

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