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Osor, Cres, Osor, [ Right now, LIVE ] LiveStreaming cameras from Croatia

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  • Longitude 14.3933
  • Latitude 44.6941
  • Publicaton date 22. November 2017.


19o C 34% 1020 hPa

Located next to the bridge connecting two large islands - Cres and Lošinj, Osor is a very busy place despite being relatively small in size. Apart from making it a lot easier to access the coast and attractions of Lošinj, Osor itself boasts gorgeous nature and secluded beaches. What'sup Cam's device gives a view of the local church and a small port used by locals and tourists alike.


Osor is an interesting, ancient town which is 4000 years old. It is located at the crossroads of land and sea routes, which distinguishes it from other island settlements.

Literally at every step, it is possible to see the remains of the ancient past as the relief of the Venetian lion, the cathedral „Marijino Uznesenje“, the Franciscan monastery, the bishop's palace, the 16th-century bell tower, the ruins of the Benedictine monastery, the remains of the city walls and numerous other monuments which have the common name "Osor's sculpture park". You can see these monuments in the street which start from the moving bridge to the cathedral.

For this reason, it is no surprise that Osor is often called as a "city-museum".

Apart from its rich history, Osor also has an exceptionally rich tourist offer - two top-rated camps and private accommodation. Near the Franciscan monastery there is a camp "Bijar" and near the camp, there are several beautiful pebble coves and one rocky beach. The second beach, a little bit smaller than the first one, is located next to the city walls, on the other side of the camp "Preko mosta" (Over the bridge). Within the camps, there are restaurants, shops and sports facilities.

Osor is also rich in natural beauty – beautiful and crystal clear sea, wonderful coves and sumptuous forests.

The place is also known for top quality food, so do not miss out to try island specialties such as lamb and cheese and various types of fish in some of the taverns.

During the summer months, in the Osor's Cathedral, you will enjoy „Osor Music Evenings“ that have a tradition since 1976. It is a manifestation that has great significance for the Kvarner region and for Croatian music in general.

Anyone who visits this special place will afford a quality holiday and return home with an interesting historical story and wonderful experience.


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