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  • Longitude 15.223
  • Latitude 45.265
  • Publicaton date 08. May 2020.


3o C 97% 1030 hPa

No Croatian mountain has ever fit into folk legends and stories as deep and firm as Klek. It is situated above Ogulin valley within the mountain of the Velika Kapela and is 1182 m high. A massive rock of wondrous shape and scary beauty.

The appearance of Klek is different from the various sides of the view and has the shape of a great giant who sleeps on his back, so in folk songs he is known as the Prince Marko who is sleeping there. The main 200-meter-high rock looks like a giants head, while Klečice looks like his feet. There is a mountain hut at 1000 m above sea level.

According to the folk tales, there is a witch empire, which has become the symbol of Klek and Ogulin, and throughout Croatia there is no mountain peak for which so many folk tales and legends are related.

Klek is also one of the botanical reserves with a rich tertiary flora. There are also many protected animal species there.

From this Ogulin location, webcam provides you a view to the unique Klek.



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