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Novi Vinodolski Panoramic PTZ Camera, Novi Vinodolski, [ Right now, LIVE ] LiveStreaming cameras from Croatia

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  • Longitude 14.789
  • Latitude 45.1285
  • Publicaton date 18. March 2020.


28o C 57% 1012 hPa

The latest, modern PTZ webcam on the tallest building in the city - on the Frankopan tower!

360 degrees of vision results with a beautiful panoramic view of the Novi Vinodolski Riviera.

The physiognomy of the city is characterized by the coastal architecture of white facades and red roofs in the old core that rise from sea level to the church and the tower on the hill, overhanging the city outline as if guarding this rocky city over the sea. Due to this specific panorama, Novi Vinodolski was recognizable in the past, it is still today, and is likely to remain in the tourist future.

The waters of the harbor with moorings for boats, two modern marinas make Novi Vinodolski one of the best nautical destinations on the Adriatic.

There are 6 lookout locations, 3 of which are located in Novi Vinodolski. Trails and promenades lead along the coast, pine forests right by the sea or green hinterland through fragrant and eye-pleasing forests, fields, mountain peaks, cliffs and ridges. And of course a unique view of the island of Krk.

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