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Novalja - Croatian sailors Promenade, Novalja, [ Right now, LIVE ] LiveStreaming cameras from Croatia

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This is Novalja on Pag island, and a great view at Promenade of Croatian sailors. LiveCamCroatia gives you a great view at Lokunje beach in Novalja on the island of Pag. In front of lens of our web cameras, two old palm trees dominates, while on the right, deep blue sea is reflected. Far away in the distance, objects can be seen on the left, appartments for spending the night, which are an integral part of most coastal areas in Croatia. Follow live streaming regularly and feel the dynamics of the place through whole year to experience the changes live, from the winter holidays of locals to summer crowds that is increasing every year.


Is a town on the island of Pag. Situated in the bay of the north part of the island, in Lika-Senj County. It has excellent transport links with the mainland. Novalja is a famous tourist center and a major port. Includes ten villages: Gajac, Caska, Kustici, Metajana, Lun, Novalja, Potocnica, Old Novalja, Vidalici, Zubovici. Novalja has beautiful sand beaches and its beauty lies in the small hidden coves and clean, clear water. Known for its tradition of old wine and cheese. Ideal for families with children, it has many cafes, shops and restaurants. Novalja offers a wide selection of accommodation such as: hotels, apartments, rooms and campsites. Young people also have a variety of entertainment during the day and night on the most beautiful beach in the Adriatic, Zrce. City museum is one of the mos interesting cultural institutions in Novalja, because the museum is located inside the entrance to the underground water supply that was built in ancient times, in the firs century BC. The entire underground aqueduct was built by human hands in stone.

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