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Nin - The monument of Duke Branimir, Nin, [ Right now, LIVE ] LiveStreaming cameras from Croatia

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The monument to Prince Branimir is set in a place overlooking the old town of Nin on the islet. The islet is only 500 meters wide, preserving the many historical and cultural sights of 3000 years old town Nin. Next to the Prince's monument, you enter the Lower Town Bridge from the 16th century which can be seen through this camera. If you are walking along the coast of Nin, stop by a noticeable monument to Prince Branimir. It is known that the past and the present are intertwined in Nin and you are standing in front of the statue of the ruler who with his visions and works strongly marked the Croatian history. In a long list of the historical figures important for Nin and whole Croatia, the name of the Prince Branimir takes a specific place. There is a special reason for this: Nin is the cradle of Croatian statehood and certainly for all its inhabitants is a special strong emotional charge, and Prince Branimir is credited for the recognition of the Croatian state during his rule. He lived in the 9th century and ruled from 879 to 892. His rule strengthened the coastal Croatia and achieved its independence, which is confirmed by Pope John VIII. who then accepted it as an independent country of the Christian West, giving recognition to the Croats for their loyalty to the Catholic Church. On June 7th in 879, Branimir was first recognized in history as a legitimate ruler, and Croatia was a legitimate state, precisely in Nin, which became its headquarters. So it's not surprisingly that in the memory of the first recognition of the Croatian state, in the year 2007 - 1128 years later, is discovered a four-meter high monument to the great Croatian ruler - Prince Branimir.

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