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Mrkopalj, Ski center, Mrkopalj, [ Right now, LIVE ] LiveStreaming cameras from Croatia

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22o C 59% 1012 hPa

A view of Čelimbaša ski resort located in the heart of Mrkopalj. It is an older but well-maintained ski resort for which it is often said that has the greatest potential in Gorski kotar. The complete atmosphere at Čelimbaša has a special charm, especially in winter when everything's covered by snow. The ski resort has three trails - Tourist trail (1350 m), Sun trail (1000 m) and Vlaić trail (500 m), so both professionals and beginners can find something for themselves.

At the top of 1084 m you will arrive by the lifts, and the ski resort ensures that the youngest ones can also enjoy the snowy adventures so there is a baby lift prepared for them. You can relax in an excellent restaurant that serves hot and cold drinks and super meals.

And for those who want to spend a holiday here, we recommend staying in a hostel 'Skijaški dom'. Within the hostel there is a restaurant, a smaller seminar room as well as a library of Franjo Starčević. And behind the hostel there is a large space for sledging that will surely delight all kids!

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