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A view of Čelimbaša ski resort located in the heart of Mrkopalj. It is an older but well-maintained ski resort for which it is often said that has the greatest potential in Gorski kotar. The complete atmosphere at Čelimbaša has a special charm, especially in winter when everything's covered by snow. The ski resort has three trails - Tourist trail (1350 m), Sun trail (1000 m) and Vlaić trail (500 m), so both professionals and beginners can find something for themselves.

At the top of 1084 m you will arrive by the lifts, and the ski resort ensures that the youngest ones can also enjoy the snowy adventures so there is a baby lift prepared for them. You can relax in an excellent restaurant that serves hot and cold drinks and super meals.

And for those who want to spend a holiday here, we recommend staying in a hostel 'Skijaški dom'. Within the hostel there is a restaurant, a smaller seminar room as well as a library of Franjo Starčević. And behind the hostel there is a large space for sledging that will surely delight all kids!


Mrkopalj, a small village in Gorski Kotar is situated in the middle of the great Mrkopalj field between the slopes of Bitora and Viševica. With the surrounding mountains of Bjelolasica, Bitoraj, Bijela and Samarska stijena it is an ideal place for the development of summer and winter tourism.

Near Mrkopalj there is a natural phenomenon of the White and Samara Rocks, a strict nature reserve, which is certainly a real treat for mountaineers, and the oldest tree, which is over 2000 years old. In the summer months, traditional berries of blueberries and other forest fruits are organized.

Mrkopalj is known by an International school of peace education whose purpose is to intensify the relationship between members of different ethnic groups and to help preserve the cultural heritage.

The biggest ski resort of Mrkopalj is renewed ski resort of Čelimbaša (3 km of slopes), which contributed to the tourist offer and the return of many skiers from all over the region.

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