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Metković Neretvanski Gusar, Metkovic, [ Right now, LIVE ] LiveStreaming cameras from Croatia

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Camera info

  • Longitude 17.649
  • Latitude 43.053
  • Publicaton date 29. April 2021.


29o C 64% 1013 hPa

In front of you is a view of the promenade along the left bank of the river Neretva in Metković in the length of about 1200 m, which is paved with stone slabs. On warm, summer nights, coming to the Promenade along the Neretva is a real refreshment. The pleasant, refreshing breeze that the river gives you every night entices many walkers. From the Park, an outdoor living area enjoyed by children, to the end of the promenade, walkers take turns until late at night.

The view of the beautiful Neretva and the pontoon and downstream of the river Neretva towards the city is provided by the Neretva Pirate Rowing Club. Neretva has ideal conditions for rowing and rowing preparations throughout the year, when in other parts of Croatia and Europe the weather conditions do not allow it.

It has long been known that Metković is a nursery for young sports talents. Members of the Neretva Pirate Rowing Club are proud of the results achieved and enviable sporting successes at national championships. The club is in 2018. celebrated 50 years of existence. In 2015, the club for the first time organized a regatta of eights on the Neretva from Krvavec to Metković called Neretva open and since then it is held every year in the summer. It is a combination of competition in the royal discipline of rowing, sports tourism, the promotion of rowing as a sport in general and the creation of new friendships between clubs and athletes. The Neretva has excellent natural conditions for rowing preparations throughout the year, especially during the winter.

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