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Medjugorje live, Church of St. James, Queen of Peace

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  • Publicaton date 01. January 2023.


18o C 72% 1014 hPa

Church of St. Jakov's focal point is also the center of the sacramental life and prayer life of parishioners and pilgrims to Medjugorje. The construction of the present church was completed on January 19, 1969, when the church was blessed. The church was fully decorated in 1980 and readily welcomed all subsequent events in the Medjugorje parish.

The fenced park to the east of the sanctuary is a memory of the place where the old parish church used to be. The outdoor altar, erected in 1989, and the surrounding prayer area (with about 5,000 seats) serve as a place for large liturgical celebrations during the summer months, when thousands of pilgrims gather in Medjugorje. Due to the increasing number of pilgrims, the church and the area around the church have been constantly adapting to new needs since 1981.

The Međugorje phenomenon attracts believers from all over the world to the small Herzegovinian town. Over the past 40 years, Medjugorje has become one of the world's most famous destinations for numerous pilgrims. This is how this once agricultural region became a tourist destination, i.e. a well-known religious tourism destination.

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