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Medjugorje - Apparition Hill Live cam, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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The Međugorje phenomenon attracts believers from all over the world to the small Herzegovinian town. Over the past 40 years, Medjugorje has become one of the world's most famous destinations for numerous pilgrims. This is how this once agricultural region became a tourist destination, i.e. a well-known religious tourism destination.

What most pilgrims want to see is Apparition Hill. It is the place of the first apparitions of Our Lady, a few hundred meters above the Bijaković hamlet of Podbrdo. A steep path leads to the place of the apparition along which bronze reliefs of joyful and mournful rosaries were placed in 1989. On the way to the place of the apparition, a wooden cross was placed where Our Lady, through one of the girls who saw her for the first time, called for conversion and peace. In honor of the 20th anniversary, a statue of the Queen of Peace was erected at the very place of the apparition. The statue was made according to the model that is located in front of the parish church. The encounter with the Apparition Hill for pilgrims is an encounter with Our Lady through personal prayer and prayer of the rosary.

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