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A view of the small local harbor of the fishing village Mandre located in the deep bay of the Pag island. The hardworking fishermen and boats that you can see through our camera have preserved this traditional fishing spirit in the village until today.

Over the whole settlement are extending a sandy, pebble and rocky beaches surrounded by untouched nature, clear sea and a lot of greenery. Mandre is a perfect destination for families with smallf children and for those who want to spend their vacation in complete peace and quiet.

The view of the harbor will especially enchant you in the summer in the early evening hours when nature is playing with colors, and the sky takes the finest vibrant shades.


Mandre, a small seaside resort with almost 400 inhabitants, located on the south of island of Pag and one of the youngest settlements in Pag. It offers spectacular view to the islands of Silba and Olib and is an ideal destination for those seeking a peaceful holiday with the crystal clear sea, the beach, the shade of the woods and the famous beautiful drywall of the island of Pag while the fishing boats in the local harbor returns you to the past when Mandre was a fisherman settlement. The sheltered bay in Mandre is well known to the sailors of ancient times. It has given shelter countless times to the ships for the bad weather. Almost the whole coastline along Mandre is actually a big beach with different parts, pebbly, rocky or concrete, so everyone will find something which they like. Gastronomic offer of this region is a great reason for many people to visit Mandre and if you would like to know the splendor of the Pag gastronomic tradition then do not miss enjoying pecan sheep cheese, the famous lamb, various delicious fish and seafood dishes, ham, homemade wine and brandy . The Zadar List and the Zadar County Tourist Board in 2003 declared Mandre the most beautiful place in Zadar County. The value of this recognition is greater if you take into account the fact that Mandre has only 400 inhabitants. It reveals the immense attention and care that these people invest in the layout and decoration of their settlement.

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