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Mala Duba, beach, Živogošće, [ Right now, LIVE ] LiveStreaming cameras from Croatia

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5o C 60% 1027 hPa

Mala Duba is one of the places of Živogošća. Surrounded by the mountain Biokovo on the north side, while the island of Hvar is only 4.5 km from the south. The summer time periods begin in May and last until the end of October. It is a place to escape from everyday life and an ideal place for family vacation. This unique combination of land and sea provides the ultimate relaxation. A little seaside resort offers a vacation that you can only wish for. The big beach stretches all over the place, and there is a part reserved for nudists. You can spend the whole day enjoying the sun and the sea. The evening is ideal for a walk along the coast . The sunset on the Adriatic is a mix of colors, sounds and smells. In one word, the ultimate romantic experience.

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