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Krapina, Krapina, [ Right now, LIVE ] LiveStreaming cameras from Croatia

Camera info

  • Longitude 15.8727
  • Latitude 46.1597
  • Publicaton date 30. November 2014.


13o C 87% 1015 hPa

A view of the Krapina located in the heart of Hrvatsko zagorje. Our camera shows the main road and several houses and buildings next to it. Although you may think, at the first look, that you don't have anything to see on this live streaming besides the vehicles and some pedestrians, it's not like that.

Depending on the season, you will be able to enjoy a variety of stunning scenes thanks to the sumptuous Krapina vegetation and wonderful landscape.

If you look at our gallery, you will see that at every part of the year, Krapina 'wears' its unique suits. During the summer and spring months, everythings become green and full of flowers, and during the early autumn you can enjoy the colorful shades of dense trees. When the leaves fall, you will be able to see the church of St. Catherine in the background, while the winter will provide you with a fairy-tale snowy scene.


The town of Krapina is the center of Croatian Zagorje. It is located along the river Krapinčica. The name of the town is closely related to the name of a river that once abounds in freshwater fish with carp. On the kajkavian dialect the carp fish is called carp.

The history of the human race in Krapina reaches a distant past of 120,000 to 50,000 years, as evidenced by the remains of a on the hill Hušnjakovo in the western part of Krapina.

Although the embrace of the past is strong and ubiquitous, Krapina today offers something for everyone. There are cultural events throughout the year - including the Krapina’s adventures, The festival og acting, the Summer in Krapina, the Night of Krapina’s Neanderthal man, the City Day with the traditional manifestation Zagorski Music Festival "Krijesnica" and the unavoidable Kajkavian Culture Week with the Kajkavian Folk Festival year which is already being held for 49 years. The rich gastronomic offer from Krapina's lures with its scents and attracts many tourists. If your soul longs for peace in the embrace of nature there are numerous hiking trails and paths.

Whatever, it all begins and ends with the unavoidable and famous Museum of Krapina Neanderthals on Hušnjak, which in every way makes you think about it.

Krapina is proud of its rich history, but it is also extremely focused on the future. So come to Krapina and discover its own advantages and beauties, and the citizens of Krapina will welcome you with a famous song: "Welcome my friend!"



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