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Karlovac - Korana beach, Karlovac, [ Right now, LIVE ] LiveStreaming cameras from Croatia

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Karlovac is the only town that can boast of an official river bath registered at Lucka kapetanija - the beach Foginovo  - the winner of the Green Flower and the Tourist Flower, in the very center of Karlovac on the Korana river. This beach was designed by Dragutin Fogin, who in 1928 bought a land plot on Korana and arranged it in a public bathing resort and with the Zagreb Railways he arrange a train which will drive people form Zagreb every Sunday to the beach.  Towards the end of the 19th century, the analysis showed that Korana water was healing and then the beach was filled with guests looking for rest, refreshment and health. An excellent example of how pure river in the center of the city can be used for recreation, socializing and refreshment, and is a real saving for all those who are not able to go to some of the Adriatic beaches and save themselves from the summer heat.

Swimming is not the only entertainment offered to visitors. There are also numerous sports facilities, such as zoomba training and numerous sports tournaments on new terrains. It offers beach volleyball, running, cycling, basketball, water exercise and many other sports activities. All content is free. A real summer refreshment near Zagreb!

Outside the summer months on this webcam you can see beautiful winter scenes or follow the Korana water level during large floods.


Karlovac is located in the heart of Croatia, washed by the rivers Mrežnica, Korana, Kupa and Dobra. The climate in Karlovac is moderately continental, which means that it has hot summers and cold winters with snow. It is believed that life in the area of Karlovac existed 3500 years B.C., while Karlovac as such, was built in the sixteenth century. It was established with the purpose of defence against Turks; the core of the town was built in the distinctive shape of the star with six spikes. Renaissance core of the town was a top of the construction craft of the time. At today’s town square, there is a Church of Holy Trinity,where it is possible to see rich baroque inventory. When the town set free from theplague in 1691, the Plague Pillar was raised as a monument of gratitude. The town experienced development after it gained the status of free royal town. That was well used by boatmenand merchants in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, which are known as golden age of Karlovac. Today, Karlovac is mainly suitable as destination for short breaks along the trips, but it has prospective to become something more – interesting destination for vacation and fun. Green valleys of the rivers of Karlovac are a beautiful sight and pleasant nature suitable for walks. Karlovac can be experienced also through the walks through centenary alleysor by the ride in the old carriage. Favourite spot of citizens of Karlovac is the Old Town of Dubovac from the thirteenth century, where concerts, theatre plays, exhibitions and other culture and entertainment events are held in warmer months.

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