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Izletište Zeleni vir - Vražji prolaz ( Devil's passage ), Holidays in Gorski kotar, untouched nature, family excursion.

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Excursion spot Zeleni vir - a protected natural reserve in Croatia, a magical excursion spot near Skrad where you will enjoy the diversity of nature gifts! Zeleni vir is a subterranean source and it's named after the vibrant color of the pond that it creates. Abovethe spring the stream crushes into the lake creating the beautiful waterfall. Devil's passage hide another kind of beauty, dynamics and excitement. A walk along the high rocks and stream leads to the Devil's Passage. The Zeleni vir mountain lodge is located at the very beginning of the path towards the Zeleni vir and Devil's passage. This lodge is the starting point of adventure that awaits you by entering the wilderness going through the hiking trails, the narrow canyons that are crossed by numerous bridges that you will go through the excursion.

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