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Ivanja Reka Primary School, Zagreb, [ Right now, LIVE ] LiveStreaming cameras from Croatia

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In 2019, the settlement of Ivanja Reka welcomed the grand opening of a modern and technologically equipped school building in which classes take place in one shift.

Primary School Ivanja Reka was built according to the highest European and world standards, positioned on a building plot of 30,000 square meters, while the school area itself is 7,850 square meters, including a three-part sports and polyvalent hall. The environment of the school is arranged in accordance with the existing environment and has significantly contributed to the development of Ivanja Reka. Within the school yard there are all the facilities needed for quality physical education classes such as athletics, football field, basketball court, volleyball court, volleyball, long jump, etc. In the absence of public programs, the school occupies the importance of infrastructural tissue, which makes the settlement of Ivanja Reka educational, social and publicly equipped.

The three-part hall is equipped with 9 playgrounds (4 basketball, 4 volleyball and 1 handball court), the most modern sports floor and lifting partitions that serve to partition the hall.

Through this webcam you are looking at the front side of the school with a playground and the bus station on the main Ivanjorečka street.


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