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ITA - Venice – Pont du Rialto, Venice, [ Right now, LIVE ] LiveStreaming cameras from Croatia

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  • Longitude 12.3358
  • Latitude 45.4379
  • Publicaton date 01. January 2017.

A view of one of the most famous and most important sights of the unique Venice. Among the many bridges that Venice can boast of, the Rialto Bridge is particularly remarkable since the distant past.

It used to be the main gathering place of merchants from all over the world, where inhabitants could buy some of the foodstuff such as sugar, spices and other necessities. Though today the bridge is not known for the trade as it used to be, there are still booths and smaller stores where you can mostly buy souvenirs.

If you need some groceries, near the bridge there is a market and fish market that we recommend you to visit in the morning hours if you want to "catch" a good piece of meat, fish or fruit. And if you want to catch a good angle to make a photo on the bridge, the best time to get there is early morning or evening when there are a little less crowds than in the afternoon.

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