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14o C 93% 1015 hPa

View of Golf Adriatic in Savudrija, a standard playground with 18 fields open all year. Each field contains five starting positions, and from each field it is possible to enjoy unique scenes that are also described by their name such as Seaview, Romanic Church, Vineyard, Olivetree and others.

Due to its specific and demanding design both professionals and beginners will adore this field.

With its appearance, the terrains are almost blended with the landscape, and its vegetation is typical of Mediterranean climate.

Within the resort there is also a golf house with a beautiful panoramic terrace and a restaurant where are organized various ceremonies such as weddings.


Savudrija-Salvore, a small fishing village situated on a small peninsula, only 9 km from Umag.

Its trademark is an old lighthouse, built on behalf of the love between the Austrian great and the local girl.

It is also known as the westernmost point of Croatia, the first tourist destination in the Croatian part of Istria. The name was given, says the legend, according to the son of German Emperor Barbarosse Ottu, who was in a naval bicycle at Savudrija in 1177 against the united fleet of Pope Alexander III. tried to hide in a cistern. "Salvo re" (rescued king) thus becomes the toponym of Salvador, or Savudrija-Salvore.

The tourism business of Buje has roots in this area. Savoy Austro-Hungarians have chosen it as their destination for rest and treatment. This is evidenced by numerous  summer villas by the sea, where many tourists were re-inspired today.

Bicycle trails that go along with many historic remains of Roman buildings and rich gastronomic offer are just some of the attractions of Savudrija. In recent years, the Savudrijska lighthouse, the oldest on the Adriatic, was built in 1818, a tourist attraction and a guest place.





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