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Fužine - advent and new year's eve at noon, Fužine, [ Right now, LIVE ] LiveStreaming cameras from Croatia

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  • Longitude 14.7133
  • Latitude 45.3056
  • Publicaton date 23. November 2018.


1o C 54% 1018 hPa

The central square in Fužine, where traditionally the big open-air Silvesters party is traditionally held, where you can enjoy the many open-air music performances, boiled wine and local sausages, delicacies of the mountain region, fireworks right at noon. This event is visited by over 30,000 guests per year. Gastronomic offer is of course unavoidable in Fužine. Indigenous homemade specialties, such as game, frogs, forest fruits prepared made by local recipe, mushroom or homemade cheese are offered.

Everyone who would like to stay in this area for more than a day has really many options from the Bitoraj Hotel in the center of Fužine, a hostel in the Fužine house or one of the numerous boarding houses, mountain huts, hunting lodges or suites.

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