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Dubrovnik - island of Lokrum, Dubrovnik, [ Right now, LIVE ] LiveStreaming cameras from Croatia

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Our camera shows the island of Lokrum, an island of fantastic nature and history combination. If you visit it, you will experience all the magic of the Lokrum mystery. You will understand why Lokrum is the favorite green oasis of Dubrovnik locals. The island is only a ten-minute boat ride away from Dubrovnik and it is an ideal place to rest and relax. Here you can enjoy the best Mediterranean and indigenous delicacies, try some of the best local liquors, enjoy cocktails, swim on one of the many beautiful beaches, walk along the landscaped paths and discover the various historical sights.

You will also have the opportunity to visit the beautiful viewpoints here. From all of them is especially worth mentioning the highest peak of the island where the Royal Fortress is located. From there you can enjoy in breathtaking views. Near the fortress is the Lazaret, where four donkeys have found their home - Royal, Lazar, Max and Ćiro II. Donkeys are the main attraction and favorites of many visitors, especially children. Lokrum offers relaxation and entertainment for all generations.

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