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Drage - camp - Oaza mira, Drage, [ Right now, LIVE ] LiveStreaming cameras from Croatia

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  • Longitude 15.5317
  • Latitude 43.8871
  • Publicaton date 01. October 2012.


20o C 52% 1014 hPa

You are just looking at Drage - Pakostane, more precisely at the Oaza mira (Oasis of Peace) camp. Thanks to LiveCamCroatia webcams you can see beautiful views of the sunny sea and the beach hidden in the shade of pine trees. Drage is a small place between the sea and the Vransko Jezero (lake). There are no so many places in Croatia that have such a good geographic position, which gives one additional attraction and offers such rich content for tourists. Apart from swimming in the sea and sunbathing during the day, it's enough to head to the lakeshore and enjoy fishing. Vransko jezero is very known in the fishery world and also by the fish species and many catches that were the main news of all the major portals in Croatia. The Adriatic highway extends through the Drage, which will make the arrival for everyone much easier.


Drage is a tourist and fishing place near Pakoštane, on a half way between Zadar and Šibenik. Drage attracts us with their naturalness of the ambience at the first sight. This little place has access, on the one hand, to the Adriatic, and the other to the lake Vransko jezero.
Near Drage there are 2 national parks and a nature park you can visit, National Parks Krka and Kornati, and Vransko jezero, which is the largest lake in Croatia. All three parks provide an excellent opportunity to enjoy untouched nature as well as the wonderful natural phenomena typical of the area of ​​Croatia. For those who are not too big fans of sea and sea fish, the vicinity of Vransko Lake offers the opportunity to enjoy freshwater swimming and fishing.
And for those who prefer the sea, the beautiful camo Oaza mira is located in Drage. With a clean sea, an exceptionally indented coastline overlooking the numerous islets, nature has created beautiful beaches where many tourists today enjoy the sun and the sea in the summer season. With its peace and quiet, yet with all the benefits of modern tourism, along the beautiful gravel bays, Drage is an ideal place for family and friends to relax.

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