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CROATIAN RED CROSS - International field exercise of crisis response teams, Koprivnica, [ Right now, LIVE ] LiveStreaming cameras from Croatia

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3o C 92% 1023 hPa

By organizing this international exercise, the Croatian Red Cross wants to raise the level of readiness and timely reaction and response of the operational forces of the Croatian Red Cross in a crisis event related to water.

Here you can watch live steram of the International Field Exercise of Crisis Response Teams at Lake Šoderica in Koprivnica-Križevačka County, Legrad Municipality.

Lake Šoderica was created artificially, by excavating Drava gravel. Šoderica is only 400 meters away from the Drava River, and receives water from it underground, while the gravel, which is up to 15 meters thick in some places, acts as a natural water purifier. It is characterized by the turquoise green color of the water, the pebble coast and several islands located on the lake.

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