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-4o C 86% 1026 hPa

To Vidikovac for 16 and a half minutes! Historical project called "Sljeme cable car".

Here you can "supervise" construction site of the new cable car and check if the deadline will be fulfilled.

After 11 years of solving immovable property issues, solving the amendments to the Medvednica Spatial Plan and Urban Planning Plan for the Medvednica Zone, the construction site was opened at the end of January this year and the whole project should end in 15 months.

The new cable car at Sljeme will have a 4.5 times higher capacity in regards to the old one, which will reach Sljeme for 16 and a half minutes, crossing the length of 5000 meters in 84 gondola with 10 seats. The old one had 4000 meters and it carried 350 people per hour in 90 gondola with 4 seats.

First cable car was launched In 1963 and in 2007 the engine was turned off and "the old lady was retired."

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