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Camp Zagreb, Rakitje, Zagreb, [ Right now, LIVE ] LiveStreaming cameras from Croatia

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  • Longitude 15.8269
  • Latitude 45.8015
  • Publicaton date 07. October 2014.


1o C 89% 1026 hPa

A view at a few of the 50 campsites of Camp Zagreb located only a few meters from the shore of the lake. In addition to camping sites, guests can also choose accommodation in four beautiful bungalows.

The largest facility in the camp consists of a lounge bar, a wine cellar, a pizzeria, a mini wellness center, a Finnish sauna, a sunbathing place, and from every floor you can enjoy a wonderful view of the lake and the green landscape. Within the camp there is a salty room for those who want to get healthy and antistress effect. Guests wishing to spend an active holiday will enjoy walking and cycling on the lanscaped paths.

Here are also welcomed your quadrupedal friends, and this 'pet friendly' camp has even prepared their own bathroom.

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