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Building site e4 family house Wienerberger, Zagreb, [ Right now, LIVE ] LiveStreaming cameras from Croatia

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  • Longitude 15.9952
  • Latitude 45.8478
  • Publicaton date 22. October 2018.


1o C 69% 1020 hPa

e4 - energy, ecology, economics, emotions!

Our camera shows the construction of e4 house in Zagreb. It is about homes whose concept is primarily designed to reduce environmental burden and reduce energy consumption. The Wienerberger Group has developed natural materials from which are built homes with minimal thermal losses and optimal energy efficiency. In order for the object to have thermal protection without an additional insulation layer, there are POROTHERM bricks. Excellent air tightness of POROTHERM bricks as well as constructive thermal bridging solutions enable sustainable construction. Energy consumption is reduced in a way that the brick stores the energy of the sun. Wienerberger takes care of the preservation of natural resources, and for this reason they choose materials that will not have a negative influence on the environment. As an additional convenience of monolithic brick construction is the air inside the space which is really great. The goal of the Wienerberger group is to show people that they can have a healthy, natural, affordable, but quality home. Aside from the already developed products, they are constantly developing new products and technologies that will be compliance with regulations and preserve the environment and what is more importantly - our health.

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