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bowling club Porec 2, Poreč, [ Right now, LIVE ] LiveStreaming cameras from Croatia

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  • Longitude 13.5997
  • Latitude 45.2295
  • Publicaton date 13. January 2018.


18o C 68% 1013 hPa

Apart from many other attractions, the city of Poreč has a bowling alley visited by both locals and tourists in search of good times. Take a peak inside the hall with the help of webcams provided by What'sup Cams. You'll see how many of the four lanes are free for bowling, which will allow you to make better use of your free time.


Poreč is located on the Istria's west coast. This town of turbulent history is believed to have been inhabited already in the Neolith. Greek historians and geographers from the fifth and fourth centuries B.C. speak of Poreč as a small fishermen settlement with a harbour. In terms of tourism, this town has a very long history – traveller’s guide,containing description and photos of the town, was printed already in 1845(Austrian Steamships Society from Trieste included it in the touristic route opened in 1844). Allegedly, one can reach the centre of Poreč by foot from each hotel, apartment or camp, walking through the shade of pine trees, planted along the sea coast. In the old town part of Poreč, several houses from the Roman times have been preserved, as well as several Gothic palaces. Plan of the streets was kept in the shape of the old Roman Castrum. Beside the old town one can see grotto Baredine, the only open geologic monument in Istria. Nearby particularity is Lim Channel, created by the river Pazinčica. This bay goes inland in the length of 12 km, resembling a fjord. Poreč is part of the project aimed at preserving the sea and the coast “Blue Flag” which has been carried out throughout the world. The award is annual and it represents a proof of clean sea, quality of service and equipment. Poreč has 20% of all blue flags awarded to Croatia. Number of inhabitants: 17460

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