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Bjelovar General Hospital, New Building Construction , Bjelovar, [ Right now, LIVE ] LiveStreaming cameras from Croatia

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The construction of the Bjelovar General Hospital is currently the second largest building in the Republic of Croatia, worth 272 million kuna, which will fundamentally change the working and treatment conditions at the Bjelovar General Hospital, began in February this year.
In this way, the Bjelovar hospital will become a place for providing health care in a new modern building of the 21st century on 18,802.95 m2.

The new building will house a unified emergency room, hospital reception, day surgery, day hospital and all operating branches with a central operating unit and a central intensive care unit, as well as other facilities that will provide better health care for about 130,000 insured persons. This will be of great importance for the employees of the Bjelovar hospital who will have the opportunity to work in a new hospital of a modern type adapted to the standard of the 21st century.

This model of building a new hospital building is currently the only possible way to build hospitals in Croatia, and it involves financing with European money.

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