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Biograd na Moru - marina, Biograd na Moru, [ Right now, LIVE ] LiveStreaming cameras from Croatia

Camera info

  • Longitude 15.440
  • Latitude 43.937
  • Publicaton date 12. June 2014.


3o C 65% 1013 hPa

In front of our camera, you can see the local promenade and small marina in Biograd na Moru. The marina is usually filled with small boats of local fishermen, as well as some smaller yachts. In the background, you can see the beautiful blue colors of our sea, which would perfectly merge with the blue sky if there was not the green contrast which Pašman Island makes. The place you see in the background is Tkon, where we also have a webcam, so find out if you're interested in what's happening on the other side of this videotape. We hope that while you are watching live streaming, some bigger yacht will appear so you can see how it looks live. Biograd na Moru is a place that many people have visited, as well as the desired destination for those who haven't. We hope that you'll also come here on vacation, so please send us a happy friendly greeting.

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