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Biograd na Moru - city square, Biograd na Moru, [ Right now, LIVE ] LiveStreaming cameras from Croatia

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  • Longitude 15.4431
  • Latitude 43.936
  • Publicaton date 12. June 2014.


6o C 64% 1027 hPa

In the near area of the camp Solina, in a small village Biograd at the sea, we found a great location for another web camera. LiveCamCroatia offers you a beautiful view of the sea and numerous smaller yachts and boats tied in the nearby dock. Web camera is located right on the corner of King Tomislav Square and Tin Ujevic Street, which is real picture of everyday obligations of local people and people who came here on vacation. Best overview of the dynamics and events in a city or a small town can give you some popular street or intersection like this one. Interesting details come from the historical period of this small town, so we will just mention that, in year 1102, Croatian-Hungarian king Koloman was crowned exactly here in Biograd at the sea.

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