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Baska Voda - marine, Baška Voda, [ Right now, LIVE ] LiveStreaming cameras from Croatia

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Camera info

  • Longitude 16.948
  • Latitude 43.357
  • Publicaton date 17. April 2014.


10o C 75% 1022 hPa

Waterfront in Baska Voda is full of berth and small boats, and it is really dinamic area of this coastal town in Croatia. We already mentioned this small place, but because of numerous web cameras which follow current situation in this small town, we take a chance to do it one more time. We are offering beautiful view at different small boats at the port, where right side is dominated by high palm trees, which gives full ambience if you decided to take a stroll by the coast. LiveCamCroatia webcams are turned on during whole day, which gives excellent view at the events in the place you currently watch.

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