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Baska island Krk live, Baska, [ Right now, LIVE ] LiveStreaming cameras from Croatia

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21o C 72% 1015 hPa

Located in a beautiful bay, surrounded by vineyards, olive groves, brnister, with the picturesque backdrop of the craggy Velebit mountain and the islet of Prvić, Baška is the most visited bathing place on the island of Krk for a reason.

This webcam provides you the view of Baška from all angles. The entire small town is gathered in a semicircle, like a crescent moon, along a long pebble beach, to which we owe the popularity of Baška as a summer resort.

But in the foreground is the center and the port of Baška, which was renovated in 2020. It consists of the operational part of the port with a total length of 140 m for the purpose of boarding and disembarking passengers in occasional coastal maritime traffic, and the communal part of the port for mooring 300 boats, the nautical part of the port for mooring 14 yachts as well as anchorage in the function of the nautical part of the port for mooring 50 yachts.

Here you can see the Vela Riva breakwater and the Mala Riva breakwater. They ensure the necessary protection of the water areas within the port area and enable adequate mooring and security at the berth for ships in year-round navigation.

The webcam provides a view of one of the most popular beaches in Kvarner, the 1,800-meter-long Vela beach. Located in a unique environment right next to the houses by the sea and very close to the center of town. A magical sandy beach with a turquoise sea, surrounded by unique hills that create an irresistible scene for enjoyment and photography. The popular beach also offers many additional facilities, such as slides, playgrounds, showers, restaurants, beach bars, shops, etc. In the middle of the sea there is also an interesting diving board where you can enjoy jumping into the sea.

Like other places at Krk, in the old part of this place, the streets are narrow, the houses are close to each other, so the atmosphere is typical Mediterranean.


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