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American International School in Zagreb - Building site, Zagreb, [ Right now, LIVE ] LiveStreaming cameras from Croatia

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Središće, one of the neighborhoods in Zagreb, will soon boast a prestigious educational institution. Namely, it's right here that the American International School of Zagreb is being built, the plans including a gymnasium, as well as a football and tennis courts. The school will be able to provide English-language education to nearly 500 students aged 3 to 18.

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The capital of Croatia has a rich history. Historically, the city of Zagreb emerged from two settlements on the neighboring hills, Gradec and Kaptol, which make up the core of today's city. Zagreb is one of Europe's youngest metropolis, and at the same time one of the oldest European cities whose written history dates from the 11th century.

And Zagreb today?

In Zagreb you will feel the atmosphere of the great city, Zagreb is a special city, neverending story where you can add your magic too. Zagreb, its streets and monuments live millennia.

In recent years, Zagreb has become a tourist destination and top destination for visitors from all over the world. Zagreb is breaking the visiting record from year to year, and in 2017 it was also named the top destination, worthy recognition of the world's most famous travel guide, Lonely Planet. Zagreb is seen as a city that is both, cosmopolitan and alternate, but it is also very accessible because it is very easy to reach thanks to the new airport "Franjo Tuđman".

Zagreb continues to defend the title of the best Advent destination in Europe for the third year in a row.

But Zagreb offers a lot of interesting events all year round. Visit Zagreb at any season and it will delight you with a variety of offers. Is there anyone in the unknown city who does not want to visit the local cathedral, the main square, the old part of the city, hear the story of the shoting at noon and the world's shortest funicular? Beside a classic tourist tour that will always find its audience, Zagreb also offers some new visions of the city through its unusual tours. You will find such tours on Zagreb's social networks and surely experience Zagreb in a completely different, but no less interesting way. Zagreb is famous for its legends, and some of them are still remembered today. Most of them are described in our books by our writer Marija Juric Zagorka.

These are the most important and most attractive events in Zagreb throughout the year that you should not miss:

Snow Queen Trophy (January)

Museum night (January)

Zagreb's carnival (February)

Festival of lights (March)

Zagreb's time machine (April – October)

Art Park festival (May)

Floraart an international garden exhibition (May)

Day of the city of Zagreb (May) Ces't is the best (May – June)

Summer at Štros (May – September)

In Music festival (June)

International fireworks festival (June)

Zagreb's picnic (June – July)

The courtyards (July)

Grič Evenings (July)

International Folklore Festival (July)

Summer stage Tuškanac, Summer at Zrinjevac, Histrion's summer (August)

Zagreb's marathon (October)

Advent, Ice Park, Fuliranje (December)

Well, if you have not already visited our metropolis and enjoyed its charms, what are you waiting for ?!

So until then, enjoy the beautiful scenes of our Zagreb via LiveCamCroatia webcam!






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