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Vis and Lastovo Covid free islands

Vis and Lastovo Covid free islands

No viruses and no panic, no new normal. The two Croatian islands are totally different from the others.

Rarely you can find such a relaxed atmosphere today due to the corona virus pandemic. Lastovo and Vis are two of Croatian islands where no cases of coronavirus infection have been recorded since the beginning of the epidemic, although thousands of tourists stayed there during the summer seasson.

There life flows as if there is no corona virus. Far from that the islanders of both islands not adhering to basic rules such as keeping distance and hygiene. The islands of Vis and Lastovo at this time of year and in this situation could comfortably be advertised as "corona-free" destinations or places where the old normal is valid. And when there are no infected, there are no numbers and no panic.

Lastovo is an island with only 760 inhabitants and is otherwise isolated from the rest of Croatia. Vis has about 4000 inhabitants. The secret of such epidemiological success can also be a combination of work in agriculture and strict measures. At the beginning of the season, all events were canceled. On the contrary, in spite of all pessimisms, a baby boom is happening on Lastovo island right in the middle of the corona epidemic.

Small environments free of coronavirus could become a hit destination for many to escape panic, numbers, and infection.

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