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Top 5 Islands to Visit in Croatia

Top 5 Islands to Visit in Croatia

Croatia's coastline is undoubtedly stunning. Its crystal-clear waters and verdant shores perfectly depict a picture of what a paradise should be. But with more than a thousand islands to choose from, planning a trip to Croatia can be daunting. To make things easier, here's a list of the top 5 islands to visit in Croatia.

1. Hvar 

Favoured by luxury holidaymakers, Hvar is Croatia's version of France's St. Tropez. In fact, this is a prime spot for celebrity spotting. Despite its reputation as the swankiest of all the Croatian islands, Hvar has so much more to offer than being a magnet for wealthy travellers. 

Located off the Dalmatian Coast, between Korcula and Brac islands, Hvar is a top spot for island hopping in Croatia. The best way to explore Hvar is to take a luxury small ship cruise, which will take you to the surrounding islands on board a luxury boat. 

2. Korcula

Said to be the birthplace of the famous explorer Marco Polo, Korcula is an ideal island to visit for art and history lovers. It's also famous for its medieval churches, crisp white wine, and lovely beaches.

Korcula offers plenty of fun activities for all kinds of travellers, easily accessed through luxury Croatia travel agencies. Here, you can explore the Old Town, go island hopping, visit Marco Polo's house, catch beautiful sunsets, and go on a scenic walk along its charming cobblestone streets.

3. Elaphiti Islands

The Elaphiti Islands are an archipelago located in the Adriatic Sea and connected to Dubrovnik through ferries. With its laidback feel and calming atmosphere, the islands of Elaphiti are a great escape from the hustle and bustle of Dubrovnik. 

Offering a wide variety of activities, the Elaphiti Islands have plenty to offer for all kinds of travellers. Here, you can swim at its beautiful beaches, indulge in delicious Croatian cuisines, and take part in some fun water activities, such as kayaking, snorkelling, and cliff jumping.

4. Mljet

One of the most stunning islands in the Dalmatian archipelago, Mljet is the perfect spot for nature lovers. This island is scarcely populated, and a great place to enjoy some peace and quiet. Some of the most popular attractions in Mljet are its two salted lakes, Veliko and Malo Jezero. 

Visitors to Mljet can go on a hike at its national park, discover its wildlife, or go on a picnic. But perhaps the most popular activity to do here is to swim in the calm and still waters of the two natural salt lakes, which are connected by a narrow channel.

5. Brac

Home to one of Croatia's most popular beaches, Zlatni Rat, Brac is the largest of the central Dalmatian Islands. This island is only 50 min ferry ride away from Split. It boasts gorgeous beaches, isolated bays, and the highest mountain on Adriatic Island.

Inhabited since the Neolithic age, Brac’s main offering is its rich culture and history. The best way to explore the island is to go on a short drive and visit some of its beautiful towns and villages. Aside from the famous Zlatni Rat Beach, Brac is also home to the stunning Lovrecina Bay, known for its beautiful sandy beaches and archaeological sites.

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