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Time For Change In Gambling

Time For Change In Gambling

Increasingly, in 2022, gambling and technology go hand in hand, and advances in tech mean that those who enjoy a flutter have more options than ever before.  Over the last few years, online gambling sites such as EnergyWin kaszinó have become incredibly popular - particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic - and, one of the latest trends in online gambling is the Smart Watch. 

Since Smart Watches burst into commercial popularity in 2014, they’ve been used for a number of activities including fitness tracking, social media and, of course, telling the time.  As these watches become more affordable, more and more people worldwide are choosing to replace their laptops and tablets with these clever devices.  Gamblers are choosing to play a number of popular games on their Smart watches, including casino games such as poker as well as puzzle based games like Sudoku and, here, we’ll take a look at some of the pros and cons of Smart Watch gambling: 

The Pros

  • Convenience - Smartwatches allow you to gamble on the go without having to retrieve a device from a handbag or pocket, meaning that you can travel lighter. 
  • Ease of use - Using a gambling app on your Smartwatch is as easy - if not easier - than standard online gambling via a laptop or iPad. With some games, you can play using the wrist tilt motion for extra ease. 
  • Bonuses - As gambling companies are keen for customers to switch to mobile apps, many will offer extra bonuses as an incentive. 
  • Multifunctional - Users can multitask by accessing games whilst also using their internet banking and other online functions.
  • Space - gambling apps take up relatively little space on your Smart watch - so you don’t need to worry about running out of room for your other stuff.

The Cons

  • Screen - It’s kind of stating the bleeding obvious but, with a Smart watch you’re looking at a much smaller screen than that of a laptop or tablet - which can put a strain on the eyes when gambling for any length of time. 
  • Limited games - At the moment, users might find that, when using a Smart watch for gambling, they don’t have access to all of the games that they do on other platforms.  Although this can be frustrating, the increasing popularity of Smart watch gambling means that it won’t be long before more games are available on the apps. 


In 2022, we’re all about speed and convenience and, with a Smart watch, we get that in spades.  With this improved speed and convenience, however, comes the risk of gambling more than you might otherwise and, so, it is, of course, always important to make sure that you gamble responsibly by setting yourself limits. 

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