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The shoulder season in Croatia

The shoulder season in Croatia

Croatia’s travel periods can be split up into three seasons: preseason, in season and postseason – also known as the shoulder season.

Postseason in Croatia means that the summer craziness is over, budget flights are back on track, the weather is still warm and tourists are down to a more manageable level. There are no problems getting a table in an elegant restaurant and no big queues in Spar and other supermarkets. The beaches, islands and riversides are also much quieter and calm. Croatia weather in September allows you to sleep comfortably and get the best out of the cooler mornings and evenings while enjoying warm daily temperatures. September or October is the perfect time of the year to spend amazing days at the beach or visit some of the most stunning inlets the islands have to offer without experiencing the stress of the crowds.

If you like spending time outdoors and experience everything Croatia has to offer, from restaurants to stunning monuments and cities, like Dubrovnik or Diocletian’s Palace in Split, maybe the strongest point in the case for September or October is the lack of crowds. You can enjoy the Mediterranean sun and stroll around the towns and villages with no crowds. Split is one of the Croatian destinations with the most number of tourists. Increased number of airlines, sunny and still very warm weather, less crowds than in the season, all these are benefits that attract tourists in the postseason. Split Airport has the largest number of passengers of all airports in Croatia.

Visit Dubrovnik Old Town Walls, the town of Hvar, sail around Kornati islands or stroll around Zadar's car-free Old Town without bumping into people every couple of minutes. In the area of Zadar County, 33,000 tourists who have chosen a sunny September for their vacation are there.

When it comes to Croatia’s mesmerizing natural beauty, visiting National Parks (there are 8 of them) in Croatia is definitely something you don’t want to miss out on. The shoulder season, with its pleasing temperatures, makes the perfect time of the year for you to enjoy these gems of nature.

So far in September, 1,600,000 tourists have stayed in Croatia.

There are currently 270,000 tourists in Croatia, of which 240,000 are foreigners.

Opatija - the pearl of the Adriatic, with the longest tourist tradition has become an elite resort. Opatija has old and loyal guests, but with its offer it always attracts new ones. September exceeded expectations because there are currently 15% more tourists in Opatija than in the 2019 record year.

However, the biggest winner of Croatian tourism are vessels, ie nautical tourism. Back in 2019, Croatia was a nautical superpower with 40% of the world's charter fleet and 4378 vessels. Today, there are 4,500 of them and the Adriatic is visited annually by about 500 megayachts. Sailing Croatia postseason not only helps you avoid unnecessary crowds, but allows you to hone your sailing skills. Sailing Croatia postseason makes for the best holiday experience and is often the best time to visit the many glorious spots on the Adriatic coastline.

Sunny skies, warm temperatures, excellent value for money, sensational seasonal culinary delights, fabulous festivals and perfect winds make the shoulder season an exceptional time to sail Croatia. The Benefits of postseason Sailing in Croatia: Cheaper Charters, Escape the Crowds, Hone Your Sailing Craft, Smooth Winds Never Made a Skilled Sailor, Experience Croatian Festivals, Discover Untouched National Treasures, Get Local.

After a summer to remember, there is no doubt about an excellent postseason. We remember the summer season by the high temperatures and the numbers of tourist traffic and reservations are already being made for the next season.


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