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The old town of Korčula is on the UNESCO World Heritage List

The old town of Korčula is on the UNESCO World Heritage List

In the Southern Adriatic, a small island with a rich history found its place under the sun Korčula - an island of rich and long tradition, a jewel of the Adriatic archipelago. Its first inhabitants were Early Men who settled in Korčula in the old stone age. However, one of the most famous Korčulans is certainly the legendary adventurer Marko Polo whose birthplace is in the old town core next to the cathedral.

Korčula enchants with its timeless beauty, past times have left their mark on the stone that speaks. It prides itself on the living traditions it nurtures.

The town of Korčula, awed UNESCO and has been listed on a prestigious tentative list due to the layout of the streets as well as city walls, beautiful old palaces, and the cathedral. Locals proudly celebrate their heritage with sword dances such as the famous Moreška which is performed every year in July in memory of the Turkish attacks on Korčula.

Enthusiasts of intact nature can explore the island through hiking and cycling tours as well as excursions to the lively underwater world. The island of Korčula is also known for its gastronomy, from the freshly caught seafood, homemade pasta, and pastries, to exotic delicacies like sea urchin meat. Wine lovers will have the opportunity to try the award-winning varieties of plavac, grk and pošip at wine festivals. Recharge your batteries by the crystal clear sea on one of the many beaches often praised by the world media. In summer, the island is well-connected by boat lines. Agencies also offer one-day trips through the Korčula archipelago. Countless beautiful beaches and bays, 2671 hours of sunshine a year mostly on the entire Adriatic, luxury hotels and holiday homes, centuries-old olive groves and vineyards, ancient summer houses and ancient island places that seem to have been lost in a long time ago attract tourists from all over the world. In addition to numerous tourists delighted by Korčula, Jay Z and Beyoncé, Bono Vox and many others recognized her charms. Come and see why the Mediterranean people live happier longer lives.

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