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The most beautiful island locations for divers

The most beautiful island locations for divers

You like to dive, but you don't know where to go for a complete experience of all underwater beauties? There are so many places in Croatia, but in order to facilitate the search for those locations where you can feel the perfect combination of warm sea, diverse plants and animals, archeological sites and historic remains, we have pointed out four wonderful Croatian islands that make the diving into complete pleasure.


Since top expert and oceanographer Jacques Cousteau has declared Mljet as one of the most beautiful diving sites in the world, we consider that Mljet has definitely deserved to be the first at our list. Anyone who has at least once dived into the underwater world of the island of Mljet, knows how unique, special and different it is.

One of the most popular and most interesting diving locations is the Odyssey cave which has the name of the Greek hero who spent seven years here.

In the cave there are octopus, and the underwater is rich in varied animals, from fish to jellyfish in all sizes and shapes. What is truly impressive is the game of sun and sea that takes place inside a cave.

After exploring Odysseus cave, go to the Goli Rat where you will have the chance to see the remains of an amphora and an ancient ship, and explore an interesting and unique flora and fauna.


One of the most beautiful diving sites is located on the island of Lastovo, too. Actually, on the islet named Bijelac. Although the surface looks just like any other island, there are two truly fascinating parts that reach up to 60 meters deep, and every diver enjoys the richness of the plant and animal world who have found their habitat right here.

Sea stars, beautiful corals, gorgonians, lobsters and seaweed live in this beautiful, hidden place.

Beside the Bijelac Island, there are several amazing diving destinations on Lastovo. However, we certainly have to point out that diving on Lastovo is allowed only with the support of professional and educated staff from Ankora diving center and Ronilački raj-Lastovo.


It is no news that Hvar is one of the most beautiful islands in Croatia, and also in the world, but did you know that besides the beautiful beaches and good fun, it is also known as the perfect location for all divers?

Right on our sunniest island, there are some of the world's famous diving sites and some of them are also ideal for beginners.

One of the locations suitable for beginners is the Vela Grčka cove, in whose depths there is a cave with a magnificent plant and animal world.

If you are interested in a maybe more interesting location, go to the Paklinski islands where you can experience a true adventure in the islet of Vodnjak. Near the islet you will find a sunken stone whose form resembles a bell tower and it is named Kampanel (which means tower / bell tower).

If you dive into a bigger depth, you will see a five meter long tunnel as well as a wonderful canyon decorated with red gorgonians.


If you are looking for underwater places that hide remains of the past, then an ideal destination for you is the island of Korčula.

In the depths of the Korčula sea, besides amazing natural beauties, you will find the remains of sunken ships. In the bay of Pudarica, there are the remains of the Italian ship Garda, which on one stormy day of 1938 sank in this place.

If you are in love with the caves, go to the Orlanduša Bay where there is a special cave where you will have the opportunity to enjoy the magical scenes due to the sunshine.

Crabs, fish, octopus and snails are settled beneath the cave.

And for the end of the Korčula adventure, visit the islet Majsan, or its undersea where is located a unique archaeological site from the time of the Romans. The anchors, amphora and other items from the distant past, as well as rich flora and fauna, will simply make you fall in love with the depths of the island of Korčula.

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