The most beautiful biking trails on the Dalmatian islands

The most beautiful biking trails on the Dalmatian islands

When we talk about active vacation, cycling is one of the favorite activities of many people. In addition to being the perfect way to get acquainted and discover a new destination, it is also healthy. During a bike ride, you can stop at different places to rest, have a drink at a cafe, or eat something in nearby restaurants.

If you don't plan to carry your bike on a trip, you can always rent a bicycle in the destination. There are various trails, marked, unmarked, more and less landscaped, but they all have one common thing - they are all situated in a beautiful landscape that will simply leave you breathless.

Among the many cycling trails, Croatia has to offer, some of the most beautiful ones are located on our islands. Therefore, we have decided to single out the most beautiful trails on Hvar, Brač and Vir.

Biking trails on the Hvar island

About Hvar island is written everywhere in the world, and this particular island occupies numerous magazine covers. Well, that's no surprise. Apart from being one of the most beautiful islands in Europe with the largest number of sunny hours, fantastic gastronomic offer, luxurious accommodation, enchanting beaches and excellent nightlife, Hvar is proud to be an ideal destination for all cyclists.

Thanks to the hilly and steep ground, it will mostly delight mountain bikers, but those who prefer classic biking will also find something for themselves.

Take a ride on the Purkin Kuk Trail, which starts in the park of Stari Grad and continues along with the ferry port to Velo Grablje.

Stop in this lovely place that will fascinate you with its perfect Mediterranean beauty, olive groves and beautiful stone houses.

For all those who like a little more demanding ride, continue to the highest peak of the island of Hvar - St. Nikola, and enjoy the indescribably beautiful panoramic view.

Another trail that also starts at the park of Stari Grad is the Kabal biking trail. It will take you north to the village of Rudina and from there to the Kabal Peninsula, after which the trail is named.

Discover the many hidden coves and beauties of this rocky path, stop for a few times and refresh yourself in the beautiful clear sea.

Biking trails on the Brač island

Our island of culture and adventure – Brač, also boasts of a lot of beauties and attractive facilities. When we talk about biking trails specifically, it has exceeded Hvar with even 25 trails.

The longest trail is the trail of St. Juraj, starting from Supetar and stretching across the entire island. This trail is considered to be the most demanding, as evidenced by the fact that anyone who completes this route and brings proof to the Supetar Tourist Board receives a King of Brač diploma. One very nice and motivating gesture, so do your best!

If you prefer something a little less demanding, Brač has prepared for you the trail of St. Roko that takes you from the center of Supetar to Sutivan, and throughout the route, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the view of the beauty of the sea and untouched nature. We recommend this trail to families with children.

All history lovers take a ride on the Sutivan theme trails. From the center of Sutivan to the hills of St. Roko you will be led by the Tramuntana trail. You will continue the journey to the family home of Vladimir Nazor, and the end of the bike route will be finished by an impressive view from the Smrčje plateau.

And as the sugar at the end, for all courageous, ambitious and enthusiastic cyclists, there is a 109 km long Medulla trail, which starts in the fishing village of Milna and ends near the highest Adriatic peak - Vidova Gora. Then there is the descent to Bol and the passage through several smaller settlements. This route will take as little as 5 1/2 hours so you have to be ready!


Biking trails on the Vis island

Thanks to the hilly landscape of Vis, the tranquility and beauty that prevails on the island and the landscape biking trails, Vis has become the perfect holiday destination for all tourists looking for an active holiday in the perfect natural idyll.

Among other things, there are no big traffic jams on Vis so bicycles are more than welcome.

The first cycle path starts from the ferry dock, goes over the Prisma viewpoint to the beautiful hill Križ. Followed by a descent to the village Lokva and then another descent to the bay Milna where cyclists like to rest and refresh in the clear sea.

The second path is similar to the first, but when you arrive at Lokva, follow the signpost that leads to Komiža, then descends via the Žužec village onto the road through Dračevo polje.

Then descend to Komiža, and if your legs are still not sore, take the road that leads to Vis and climbs to the top of St. Mihovil. After resting and enjoying an impressive view, head down the road again, which will take you to the ferry port where your route started.


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