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The island of Pag as a film and marketing world attraction

The island of Pag as a film and marketing world attraction

The island of Pag is an unavoidable global outdoor destination, as well as a film and marketing world attraction.

Pag is a top destination that must be included in every travel planner. Apart from being a popular tourist destination, Novalja has also become an attractive destination for the seventh art. In the last few years, the unique ambience of Novalja and the island of Pag has repeatedly served as inspiration for making films and series on various themes.

The beautiful landscape of the island of Pag have proven to be an ideal scenographic backdrop for shooting numerous videos and commercials of world brands, including a large number of top commercials for various vehicle models.

Porche was among the first to spot the island’s marketing potential, followed by Rimac Automobiles, Mercedes, Ford, BMW, Honda, Chevrolet, limited American Triumph motorcycles, who chose Pag for their striking marketing campaigns and test tours. One of Croatia's leading car rental companies - NOVA rent a car, has also decided to connect rental cars and a breathtaking landscape in this area. Amazon's TV show about cars The Grand Tour, the most popular show about cars in which they test new models in various conditions, was filmed on the Pag road that connects the ferry port Žigljen and Novalja.

After a series of commercials in which the exteriors of the island of Pag appear as a completely unreal environment, from the southernmost part of the island to Žigljen and Novalja, a new amount of popularity of this Adriatic destination was made possible by the Croatian car company Rimac Automobili when they decided to shoot with the Croatian serial hyper car Concept Two in main role, Rimac Nevera, the most powerful and best acceleration in the world. The new electric hypercar Rimac Nevera was shooted on Pag, the ferry port Žigljen, DC 106 , the Pag bridge and in the area of Stara Novalja a video and a series of photos of the exhibition were shot in front of the famous restaurant and winery Boškinac. In addition to shooting a promotional video and photos, there are also plans to set up an exhibition of photos of the new vehicle.

That the stone landscapes of the island of Pag, which perfectly emphasize the brutality of ultra-fast cars, are not the only Pag ambience, is also revealed by fashion editorials such as Vogue Latin America, Elle, Vogue Ukraine and Portugal, Harper’s Bazaar. When it comes to fashion, the northern part of the island, Novalja offers such contrasts, from Lun to Zrće, which otherwise require entire musical continents. Therefore, Pag is one of the biggest hits within the marketing industry dedicated to cars and fashion, and the dizzying development of this production is only expected in the years to come.

Numerous Croatian music videos of popular stars have also been recorded on the beautiful beaches of Novalja (Ručica and Beritnica) and the lunar island of Pag. Indira, Severina, Lidija Bacic are just some of them. Under the auspices of millennial olive trees, Ana Rucner also recorded her video in the beautiful Olives Gardens of Lun.

Such natural features did not go unnoticed even among film moguls who found the perfect scenery for the shots from their bestsellers in a surreal backdrop. The views of Pag also delighted Oscar winner Gabriel Salvatores, who included them in his new road movie Strangers in Paradis for eternity. The AMC channel has just chosen Pag for striking scenes from the cult series The Terror, by Ridley Scott, in which the island of Pag was replaced by the icy Arctic.

Japan's Canon has also included beaches, landscapes around the Pag Bridge and views of the Lun Olive Gardens in its advertising catalogs. Netflix's romantic comedy Ibiza directed by Alex Richanbach was filmed on the party beach Zrće and the Aquarius club. Reality show called Croatia 2017: The Brits Are Coming. The Sonus Festival on Zrće Beach has become a set of shooting a French feature film called Interrail.

Only on the island of Pag you can take fascinating street style and nature selfies and photos, as trendsetters who have captured the best that the island of Pag has to offer. After Dubrovnik, the island of Pag became an interesting destination for film tourism.














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