Four centuries ago, it started the race from Komiža on the island of Vis to the beautiful Palagruža. And no, there were no small boats involved in the race, it was not a classic rowing competition, but a race that was made of 74 impressive wooden ships. Today, one of the most famous wooden ships of this time is „viška falkuša“, but the Croatian coast is also enriched by a really large number of traditional wooden ships. We are presenting some of them.

„Falkuša“ of Vis

As mentioned in the introduction, the „viška falkuša“ is one of the most famous traditional fishing boats originating from a small town called Komiža.

It's even eight meters long, three meters wide, and it is characterized by specific side fences, so-called "falke" having the ability to lift up and down.

When they were lifted, their function was to protect the ship and they were lifted down while fishing. If you are planning to spend your vacation in Komiža, you can rent some of the restored ships and experience a sea trip that it looked like in distant past.


„Gajeta“ of Korčula

Korčula is our beautiful island which, along with numerous natural and cultural and historical riches, can boast as a place of quality wooden shipbuilding whose beginnings date back to the time of Illyria.

For this reason, Korčula has become a home of beautiful „gajete“ since ancient times.


„Gajeta“ of Betina

Another exceptionally strong ship that has wonderful Latin sails, whose main role was goods transportation, is located in Betina, a small place on the island of Murter.

It is about „gajeta of Betina“ from the 18th century, and in honor of this unique ship, every year in Betina is organized a regatta of wooden boats.

Even the Museum of Wooden Shipbuilding is open, so we recommend a visit to this place to become acquainted with the tradition of this business.

Condura Croatica

Nin is a small town that can boast of a truly rich tourist offer, cultural and historical sights and its boat heritage.

During the reign of King Tomislav, there were as many as 20,000 rowers that were part of the Condura Croatica fleet. If you are interested in what these ships looked like, go to the Museum of Nin's antiques.

„Batana“ of Rovinj

Batana is a type of boat whose bottom is straight and because of its exceptional quality, longevity and special way of making, these wooden boats have found their place on the UNESCO list.

We have decided to point out the „batana of Rovinj“ because in the vicinity of Rovinj you can see them in a large number today, and there is even the Eco-Museum "Kuća batana", so make sure you plan a visit if you spend your holidays here.


„Galijun“ of Dubrovnik

The incredible flexibility, strength and quality are the features that „galijun of Dubrovnik“ can be proud of. Its role was extremely important in Dubrovnik from the 16th to the 18th century.

In addition to being used for long trade trips, it used as a warship, and when it was all summoned and taken away, this ship brought an enchanting fortune to its city.


„Karaka“ of Dubrovnik

One of the symbols of Dubrovnik is also „karaka“. This high quality and the simply beautiful boat has been used for goods transportation. The quality of this truly unique ship has been recognized all over the world, and it is witnessed by the fact that this boat has taken its place in the verses of Shakespeare's "The Merchant of Venice".

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