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Rovinj - the most romantic Istrian town

Rovinj - the most romantic Istrian town

Today, Rovinj is one of the most developed tourist destinations in Croatia.

Today, Rovinj is one of the most developed tourist destinations in Croatia. Also known as one of the most picturesque and romantic cities in the Mediterranean, Rovinj has been attracting a large number of tourists for decades, and most of them faithfully return year after year. The reason for this should be sought in the breath of the past that you will feel as you walk through the crowded streets of the old town built on the island, which is only in the 18th century. connected to the mainland. You will be captivated by its 22 islands and islets, pleasant Mediterranean climate, carefully designed green areas, clean and tidy streets, kindness of the locals and numerous events.

Rovinj combines in a very interesting way the tradition of a small fishing village, which you can still feel during traditional fishing festivals or in one of the Spacia (once very popular gathering places for fishermen), with modern tourist trends, rich gastronomic offer and high standard of service.

A city of colorful facades where almost every house has its own story to tell. The charming old part of town, streets and houses that touch the sea, beaches and the archipelago of the island delight many tourists and locals.

Something that is impossible to avoid for visitors and tourists in Rovinj is the old town. The core of Rovinj is intertwined with old stone streets full of squares and colorful houses. Although it doesn't work that way, the streets of Rovinj are like a labyrinth and it is really possible to get lost in them for a moment. Wandering in search of the right path, it is possible that you will come across one of the imposing historical buildings that definitely fall into this category of landmarks or arrive in someone's yard, without even realizing it because their decoration often resembles a gallery you already have. seen somewhere. The streets of Rovinj said no to modernism, so the white cobblestones of Rovinj can be passed by walking, cycling or vespa, cars in the city center are not allowed. The streets are full of cafes, restaurants, galleries and souvenir shops. For an additional atmosphere, there are street musicians and artists who paint the gaps between the buildings through which the sea can be seen. Its streets hide interesting stories from ancient history. Along with numerous galleries scattered throughout the city, once a year Grisia is held here, the most famous open-air art exhibition in the entire Adriatic. The Weekend Media Festival, the largest regional conference and communication industry festival, is held in Rovinj every year.

The panorama of Rovinj is dominated by the bell tower of the church of St. Euphemia. He is one of the most beautiful representatives of Baroque architecture in Istria. From the plateau where the church is located, there is one of the most beautiful views in Rovinj, a view of the place where the sky loves the sea, and sometimes, in nice weather, you can see the Alps. Saint Euphemia is the patron saint of Rovinj, and her remains are kept in a marble sarcophagus in the church. According to legend, at the early dawn of 800, a marble sarcophagus sailed like a ship to the city. Astonished citizens tried to drag the stone tomb to the city in horse-drawn carriages, but without success. Then Euphemia of Chalcedon appeared to the little boy with the message that he would pull out the stone with his weak hands. And so it was, the boy dragged the sarcophagus containing the body of St. Euphemia to the hill. From then until today, the story of religious tourism and tourist success of this beautiful city on the coast of Istria, the largest Croatian peninsula.

One of the cultural and historical sights of Rovinj is the baroque Balbi arch, which is still the main entrance to the Old Town. Apart from being one of the unavoidable tourist spots and one of the most recognizable symbols of Rovinj, Balbi's Arch is one of the seven city gates of medieval Rovinj. This includes the city clock tower - the symbol of Rovinj, stationed on Marshal Tito Square, which shows the time on three sides.

Rovinj is a place that reveals the magical side of the west coast of Istria, a town rich in greenery of nearby parks and vineyards, intoxicated by the unreal blue of the sky and sea, and enchants with a rhapsody of colors that bathe markets, houses and promenades. Rovinj is one of the strongest tourist centers in Croatia and has been recording record numbers of arrivals and overnight stays of guests for several years.

The City of Rovinj-Rovigno, in 2020, entered the finals of the elections for the best Croatian cities in all three categories - in terms of quality of life, economic achievements and the standard it provides to its residents in education and demographic policy.

Rovinj is a city that buys you charm, takes your heart, and gives you the most beautiful memories that will surely bring you back to it.

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