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Rogoznica - the best of the Adriatic

Rogoznica - the best of the Adriatic

The quiet, Mediterranean town Rogoznica has a naturally protected harbor, deep draft, which has always provided a safe anchorage for every boater. Dense pine forest, long promenade by the sea, beautiful beaches, islets and bays attract today besides boaters and many other tourists.

Tourism in Rogoznica has a very long tradition of existence since 1870. In the same year, foreign guests discovered Rogoznica as a desirable tourist destination and opened the first hotel of the Lušić-Rankovi family, called Rogoznica. The most numerous guests at that time were from Austria, the Czech Republic and Italy.

Rogoznica is known as a prestigious nautical center of the Mediterranean and one of the most beautiful and safest ports, and rightly took the title of one of the best Dalmatian holiday destinations.

Today's center of Rogoznica consists of the once mainland part called Kopača and the islet of Kopara, connected by an artificial embankment into one whole. Legend said that the Reverend asked the locals that every Sunday when they go by boat to the island where the church was, everyone puts a big stone in the boat and throws it into the sea. So after a couple of years, that road was created. It is also the main road, Obala Kneza Domagoja Street, which connects the center of Rogoznica with an artificial island in the marina Frapa. Be sure to take a walk along this road that literally cuts through the sea and waves.

Apart from the marina Frapa, one of the most beautiful and safest in Meditarna, where the most interesting attraction of the whole Rogoznica, the salt lake Dragon's Eye, Rogoznica offers a handful of interesting things and many legends are connected to it.

A fragrant lavender maze

The lavender maze was opened in 2015. at the top of the park-forest Kopara in the old part of Rogoznica, right by the sea, so that the combination of scents comes with a beautiful breathtaking view for maximum relief of mind and body.

It was made by the association Labirint from Zagreb, which deals with installations in nature aimed at establishing physical and spiritual balance.

It has a diameter of approximately 40 meters. The length of the walls from which it was built is about half a kilometer, and visitors have at their disposal two trails, shorter approximately 600 m and longer approximately 1.2 km. It is an inhaler promenade. The goal of a walk through this aromatic garden is rest and relaxation and since the scent of lavender is known to be soothing, along with all the other benefits, it is clear why lavender was chosen to adorn the entire maze. In a kilometer walk you will inhale all the scents of this noble and medicinal Mediterranean plant.

Outdoor marine aquarium

Small things, when well designed, very quickly become a tourist attraction. Proof of that is the outdoor marine aquarium set up on the newly renovated park and waterfront. It opened its door in 2013.

Through our webcam you can observe life in the sea.

In an aquarium that is connected to the sea by a pump, sea water is constantly circulating, which gives it its uniqueness and in this way the water is constantly filtered and cleaned. In an aquarium 12 meters long and 1.5 meters wide, several marine species live together, so biologists made sure to choose species that tolerate each other well and live a harmonious marine life. Observe the numerous inhabitants of the Adriatic Sea, such as sea bream, salpa, grouper, sea cat, rye that evoke life in the depths and on the stone bottom, covered with sea urchins and starfish, hides an octopus. The biggest attention behind the glass is captured by the blue shark. It is one of the domestic species of sharks, of which there are 29 in the Adriatic sea, and the other spice (kostelj) of which there are 3 in this aquarium, is not considered dangerous, although it hides three rows of teeth in its jaws, and its back is adorned with characteristic fins.

Not only is the aquarium what adorns this place, the whole park is beautifully landscaped. The park is adorned with numerous plant species, as well as fruit trees characteristic of our climate and has become a real small Mediterranean garden. Within the park there is a children's playground.


A museum in deep blue

The Rogoznica seabed is full of shipwrecks from different historical periods, so it is safe to say that it is a kind of museum in deep blue, interesting for researchers and tourists.

One of the proofs of a maritime accident is a Roman ship loaded with 150 amphorae full of wine, which it was transporting from northern Italy to Greece, anchored at the last large anchorage in the Rogoznica bay of Gornji Muli. It overturned and sank to a depth of 20 meters and hit an underwater cliff, and the cargo was scattered at a location of 13x10m. The site was explored and preserved in 1998.

In the war year of 1942, during the cold days of January, the large Italian transport ship Ninuciu, between the Mulo lighthouse and Velika Smokvica, was sunk by an English submarine. The wreck lay unexplored at the bottom of the sea for a full 66 years.

Dive into the depths of the sea accompanied by expert divers from numerous diving centers and explore the richness of marine flora and fauna and shipwrecks. The purity and attention of the Rogoznica sea attracts divers from all over the world.

Wonderful and mysterious Punta Planka

On the most protruding part of our coast towards Italy, exactly in the middle of the Adriatic, is one of the windiest locations Punta Planka. Punta Planka is a magical place where north and south winds, cyclones and anticyclones collide and the biggest waves break and the calmest bonaca happen. All this creates a gigantic natural spectacle that is not to be missed because something similar cannot be seen and experienced anywhere else.

This cape has a dramatic effect on the weather conditions in Dalmatia, and especially in Rogoznica, where only about 60 millimeters of rain falls during its three summer months due to its influence. The Rogoznica area has an average of 2,600 hours of sunshine.

One of the miracles attributed to the Christian saint Ivan of Trogir, a bishop from the 11th century, is connected with Punta Planka. According to legend, after a shipwreck at Cape Planka, he saved the lives of King Koloman and all sailors by walking on the waves. In memory of him and his miraculous deeds, in a deserted rocky landscape, the votive church of St. John was built in 1324, which is a protected sacral heritage.

The first Google See View in Croatia

The first ‘Sea View’ virtual walk in Croatia, ie the sea version of the popular Google Street View, 2018. it has been successfully implemented in Rogoznica and stretches along Rogoznica Bay. Google map users can also enjoy the sea views and see what awaits them when entering the port of Rogoznica.







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